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I'm searching for connections to Philadelphia, PA, specifically Frederick Donnelly m. bef. 1847 to Katherine Smith. I believe he was born in Philadelphia but can't be sure. They had a daughter Catherine b. Oct 1847 who married William Henry Snider. She might have also had another husband named Rittenhouse. I have this whole line from there if anyone connects. Kathy
Kathy Foxhill <>

'Just starting out. My family is from Michigan. --Lake Linden--Anyone familiar with this side of the family?
Theresa <>
Santa Clarita, California USA

great site! I would love to see any references you used to get the info on the front page! As far as i kn ow my great-grandfather came over from Ireland around 1910 or so. His name *may* have been John but I'm not sure. Anybody else have alcoholics and ill- tempered personalities in their families? ;-p it seems to run in mine. also people not talking to each other for years and years on end. My aunt visited Ireland and met some distant relatives. She said the Donnelly's are called the "Black Donnelly's" or something like that... Anybody know anything?
George Donnelly <>
Philadelphia, PA USA

If anyone has information on how the Donnelly's came to the North East of England drop me a line.
Jonothon Alan Donnelly <>
South Shields, Tyne&Wear United Kingdom

I am looking for additional information on a Patrick Donnelly that came from Ireland around 1850, married Alice Murphy, also a native of Ireland. Among his sons was Arthur Micheal Donnelly who married Catherine Green, daughter of Garrett Green and Margaret McMann. Arthur had seven children. They settled in Western New York State. Arthur was born in Dunkirk, New York. They lived in Buffalo and West Seneca New York. I have more information but this is where the trial leads and ends. If any one can connect with these New York families please let me know.
Robert Donnelly <>
Midland, Texas USA

I am looking for anyone with information on African-American's Donnelly's from Oklahoma, Missouri or South Carolina. I am having a very hard time trying to track down this information but we are very large family who I assume took the name from Slave owners. If anyone has any slave data or information on a Donnelly family that owned slaves and took this name, please contact me. I still continue to hit this brick wall. My last known relative was my great-grandfather Melvin Donnelly (late 1800's), African-American or may have been mulatto.- Thanks all, Gabrielle Donnelly
Gabby Donnelly <>
Atlantic Beach, Florida USA

We are having a family reunion tomorrow so I thought I'd look up this site, and it's very interesting thanks. My grandfather James Donnelly was a drover and later a school teacher in the country town of Tenterfield. His son my father Bernard Edward Donnelly was born in 1918 the last of 5 children. Dad and Mum(Nita) had 8 children of which I am the 8th. There's John(52), Paul(51),Joan(49), Margaret(47),Justin (45),Peter & Patrick(43)(twins) then me Bernardette(34).From all of this there are 24 grandchildren. My Dad Bernard Donnelly died in 1994 and my mum in 1999, but there are lots of us to carry on the Donnelly name, except for me of course because I married Robert Chovan and my sister married Brian Cabot. I've never met or known of another Bernardette Donnelly when I was growing up.......are you out there?????
Bernardette <>
Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Love the site , and cant wait to purchase a T-shirt whenever they arrive. Perhaps you could e mail me, when this happens.
Martin Donnelly <>
Magherafelt, Co. Derry N. Ireland

Enjoyed reading all the details. John Donnelly was the son of Michael Donnelly . Michael was a shoemaker. He was married in Gaspe and had 3 boys , William, Patrick.(Both stayed in Gaspe) and Thomas who came to New Brunswick with Him. Micheal had a second wife . Sarah. They had 6 children. One of which was my grt grt grandfather. His son was Joe Donnelly who married Josephine Bacon. My grandfather was one of 11 children . He was Daniel. My name is Donna Lee.
Donna Coupal <>
Toronto, Ontario Canada

My god I knew we were big in Scotland and Ireland but not worldwide. Anyway for the record I am John Donnelly but am known as Ian (some weird Scottish tradition) and I married Fiona in 1986.We Have two sons Ross(12) and David(9). My father was Francis who married Hester Ross. My older brother is also Francis and he married a London girl who's maiden name was also Frances Donnelly. My older sister is now Patricia Lafferty who still lives in Glasgow and I also have a younger sister Catriona who resides in Brighton England. My grandparents emmigrated to Scotland from Donegal Ireland around the turn of the last century. I would love to hear from anyone to swap stories on the Donnelly name. So finally God Bless you all.
Ian Donnelly <>
Glasgow, Scotland

Very good im interested in following up the family name. Look forward to more m.Donnelly
michael <>
Newcastle, england uk

A good start for anyone planning to trace their past. My grandfather William Donnelly was born in 1900 at Ararat Victoria Australia and my father was born 04 Sept 1935. Every little bit helps. Cheers
Bruce Donnelly <>
Perth, W.A. Australia

Thanks for the details on the family name Donnelly, very interesting
siobhan donnelly <>
Sydney, NSW Australia

It's interesting to find out how many Donnelly pages there are. There still should be loads more though I'm trying to find out about the Donnelly name and your page has given me a insight to it.
Teresa Donnelly <>
Walsall, West Midlands England

Hi my name is Brittany Donnelly and I live in Ottawa Il. I am 17 yrs old. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. Chris he is 26, Tara is 22, and Lindsay is 24. My mom is Jackie and my dad is Don Donnelly. My grandpa is Don Donnelly and grandma Marge Donnelly. If you think you r related please email me asap.
Brittany Donnelly <>
Ottawa, IL USA

Any Donnellys wanna email me?
Brittany Donnelly <>
Ottawa, IL USA

Im Patrick Donnelly from currently Los Angeles before that it was San Francisco aand before that Kansas City then Houston,Dublin,London and spent time in New York.I go to UCLA and Im pursuing a degree in Computer Information Science.2 mores years and Ill be a DR. .But I would like to get in touch with my realitives ,who I have no idea where they are? My fathers name is Jerry and my mothers is Kathleen,if anyone knows anything please e-mail me .I would be very thankful.
patrick donnelly <>
Santa Monica, California USA

According to the marriage certificate of my g grandfather, William Ross Donnelly (c1847 - 13 June 1929), his parents were Ross Donnelly (Barrister at law in Parramatta and Ann Richardson / Ritchardson. I cannot find a birth registered for William and I cannot find any indication that Ross and Ann were married. I have a copy of the will for a Ross Donnelly who was a barrister but there was no mention of a family.
Barbara <jrnevin@northnet,com,au>
Armidale, New South Wales Australia

Hi,we are another lot of the donnellys! if you have any info. we will be happy to listen!PS we liked your web site!!!
Amy,Nina,Zoe,Emily <>
Birmingham, England

My name is Nicole Donnelly. If any of you suspect we may be related, please email me. My father is Gary Donnelly, and his father was Gary Donnelly. Beyond that, we do not know anymore relatives. Thank you in advance, Nicole Donnelly.
Nicole Donnelly <>
Vallejo, California USA

Establishing a Donnelly Genealogical Society within the city of LIVERPOOL area. Interested, then Contact me for
Bernard G Donnelly <>
Liverpool, England

The furthest back that I have any idea of my ancestry is Patrick Donnelly (my grandfather - born 1920s) who apparently was one of many Donnelly's living around Carlisle in the North of England. Anyone know of any other members of my familly given that lead
Ben Donnelly <>
Sydney, NSW Australia

p.s my full email address (the box is too wee!) is : mise, martin donnelly.
martin donnelly <>
glasgow, scotland

hallo all - my grandfather, charles donnelly, came over from lurgan, county armagh to glasgow in the 1920s or 30s - two brothers, patrick and joseph (both priests) and one sister, marie-therese. I'd like to know more about the family pre-1900 - if anyone out there knows anything I'd surely appreciate it. all good things, martin donnelly.
martin donnelly <>
glasgow, scotland

I feel as if I have just discovered a thousand cousins in one day! My great great grandfather Oisin Donnelly came from Armagh to Paisley to work in the weaving industry. The point on the Donnellys being reknowned as bards is particularly interesting, as I have recently undertaken a 3 year course with O.B.O.D (the order of bards, oviates and druids), so was pleased to know it's in the blood. Keep up the good work!! Iain Donnelly
Iain Donnelly <>
Glasgow, Scotland


My greatgrandparents came to the US after the famine. I think they came to New York City because that was where he was employed as boatman, cartman, laborer and they lived down by the docks on Water St and Jackson St in the 50's-80's. My problem is that I cannot trace them back to a specific county in Ireland - all records simply say they came from Ireland. His name was John Donnelly and he had a relative in NY by the name of Richard. I don't know his parents' names. Her name was Ellen Hughes Donnelly and her parents' names were Terence Hughes and Bridget Gorman or Gowan. They had several sons, the oldest was Richard who was an undertaker on Cannon St in Manhatten in the 80s-90s; my grandfather, the youngest, was James, who died at 33, leaving 2 sons and 1 daughter. He was married to Mary Jane McDonald, also of Lower Manhatten. They lived in Brooklyn in the New Lots area. One of the middle sons, Arthur, was a postman in Brooklyn in the 90s. There was also a son John who was still living around 1910 in NY. If any body out there can give me any information about these people I would be deeply appreciative. If there are any descendents of Richard, John, or Arthur, please contact me. If anyone has any idea on how I can find out which county my greatgrandparents came from I'd also appreciate that - I've hit a brick wall for several years now.
Doreen Donnelly Parks <>
Oceanport, New Jersey USA

I am trying to find a Kevin Mark Donnelly. He is from Fontana Califorina. New him from Great Lake Ill. in 1980 when he was in the Navy
Tanya mckie <>
ElCajon, Ca U.S

I have traced my ancestor Felix Donnelly to a village in Easington Co.Durham in 1881 but would like to no has any one out their, any information about this family line, I believe he may of come to the north east about the time of the famine, by lord londonderry who brought men from tyrone etc, to work his mines in the easington area of Durham,whilst the local miners were on strike, using the famine as a leaver to bring these men and boy,s in as strike breaker's,and to proffit by their plight,Felix was born abt. 1820 and had at least one son whith him James Donnelly, My great grandfather born also in Ireland 1843, I would apreciate any help or information on this line.
Mick Donnelly <Mick@>
Co.Durham, England

Both my grandparents came from Enniskille, Fermanagh - Andrew Donnelly and Mary(McCusker)Donnelly. They migrated to the US around the turn of the century, and had nine children, including my father, and all of whom have passed on. They (and I) all grew up in the New York City area, and the succeeding generations are spread all across the US. I have a modest data base on the Donnelly's that I will be happy to share, but it only goes back to my aformentioned grandparents. I find it more interesting to look at what has transpired since their arrival in thew good old U.S. of A. We are obviously all pretty good catholics! By the way, the O'Neills share a similar coat of arms with the Donnelly's, and there is obviously an ancient tie-in. I'm missing some info on some uncles amd aunts, so any help would be appreciated. God Bless Thom Donnelly
Thom Donnelly <>
Ft. Valley, Virginia USA

Good site, My Greatgrandfathers - originally from County Tyrone and Carlingford County Louth, both Donnelly's. What about the T-Shirts.
Niall Donnelly <>
Newry, County Down Ireland

Great site! I am John J. Donnelly son of John F.X. Donnelly from Philadelphia, Pa. I'm looking for more info on my ancestors. As far as I know(heresay)my family is from Glasgow, Scotland and somehow connected to the military clan of Stuart. I could be way off base as I have no proof. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. Did Donnelly's immigrate to Scotand? Did Donnelly's originate in Ireland and/or Scotland? Curious, John J. Donnelly
John Donnelly <>
mount vernon, ohio usa

From the sounds of it..I think we started as RABBITS. I know several of the clan from Brooklyn, N.Y. and the other half went to Mass. I know little of our backround as I am 4th generation American and not too many of my ancestors were literate. Ed Donnelly
Ed Donnelly <>
Sarasota, Florida USA

Wonderful site. I am descended from William Donnelly and Catherine Johnson. William is said to have migrated to NJ around 1750 but I have not discovered what county in Ireland he came from. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with these ties or this info.
Dianne Donnelly Hays <>
LaPorte, IN USA

Thanks for this site, it's good to hear about all the Donnellys throughout the world. My grandfather is John Donnelly (born 1921) in Dumfries, South West Scotland, although his parents were from Glasgow (possibly Partick).Is there anywhere I can get a copy of the crest?Looking forward to visiting again.Love from Scotland, Alisonxx
Alison Donnelly <>
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Interesting Website....Please let me know when the tshirts are avialable...Guestbook should be fertile ground for family reseach. My addition as follows: Desended from John and Bridget Britton Donnelly who came to N.H. from Ireland in the 1870's.They had 6 childen, Margaret, Joseph, John, Thomas,Patrick,and Michael. All were born between 1870-1885. Any info on the children, please e-mail me.
Joseph Donnelly <>
Forestdale, Ma USA

James <James Donnelly>
Belfast, Co Down Ireland

Hi, I am James Frederick Donnelly, son of Joel Francis and JoAnn Sauber Donnelly. My father was born in Brooklyn in 1937. His father was James Joseph Donnelly. They moved to Washington, DC in the 40's and we've been in Northern Virginia ever since. Great
James F. Donnelly <>
Vienna, Virginia USA

I am trying to contact the descendants of the Donnelly 's that emigrated to Barbados. I am a descendant of James Henry Donnelly Born in 1814 died July 31, 1863 in the county of Demerara, British Guiana, South America. James married Amelia Yearwood born in Barbados Nov. 1823 and died there Feb. 16, 1906. Anyone who is related let me know!
Amy Marie Donnelly <>
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

i would just like to say hello from Widnes (nr Liverpool, England).
paul donnelly <>
widnes, uk

Very interesting, would appreciate any additional information or updates available.
James F. Donnelly < >
Montreal , Quebec Canada

Tom Donnelly <>
Blooming Prairie, MN USA

Enjoyed your web site very much. Please drop by my web site for a visit, and sign my Guestbook. The Official Donnelly Home Page at: The web site is all about Canada's notorious Black Donnellys who were massacred Feb. 4, 1880 by a vigilante group. Hope you'll drop in for a visit.Thanks!
M.Simpson <>
Ontario Canada

hi, my name is martin son of thomas patrick & eileen mary donnelly my father was born in liverpool 1920s,he is one of 11 children his father came over to the liverpool dock's from ireland his brothers are in usa,canada,uk,there are presently approx 80 linked relatives to my knowlege and probably many more links around the world if you have any links with the liverpool side please contact me
martin donnelly <martin@home>
london, england viewing your site. Be sure and check out the Family Talk 2000 Bulletin Board and Live Chat Room. It was created to discuss family issues such as children, child raising, pregnancy and childbirth, family travel, education, teens, young adults, etc.
Webmaster <>

Very informative site. For anyone interested I have information on the Donnelly clan in Abbey which is in east Co. Galway. I have birth marriage and death records going back to the early 19th century. For people with roots in other areas there are family heritage societies located in most counties with acsess to many church and state records, for which I can get addresses and fax numbers for those interested.Keep up the good work.
Cormac Donnelly <>

Great website!! My grandfather was Michael Thomas Donnelly, born in NY City in 1861. He married Mary White. Would like to find out more.
Pat Donnelly Ferreri <rferreri@aol>
New Canaan, CT USA

My grandfather was John Donnelly of Brockton Massachusetts. He was the owner of the Donnelly Manufacturing Company which made shoe production/repair machinery in the 1920's. The business went bankrupt and he died in 1926. He was married to Alice Kelly who died in 1964(?). One of their sons was James B. Donnelly Sr. who was my father. He died in 1996. I am the fifth of eight children. My brothers are James Jr., Edward, Raymond. My sisters are Theresa, Elaine, Karen, Marian. My mom is the former Bernice Luckner fr
Thomas Donnelly <>
Middleboro, MA USA

Good to meet up with the Donnelly clan. Interesting history. I am looking for other descendants of Frank and Jane Murphy Donnelly. Frank b. 1837, immigrated from Ireland to Minnesota--Waseca Co. and lived at St. Peter, MN--died there in early 1900's. They had several children, Marie, Sara, Michael, Frank, Peter and possibly more. Would like to find his descendants.
Helen Turnquist <>

Will follow up on this site onceI return from my My 5 week stay in the states, I'm from NYC and found that my niece as well as my sister left messages.Terry Donnelly
Terence David Donnelly Jr. <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil

This is a really interesting page. My Grandfather was James Donnelly married to Catherine. They lived in Westchester NY and My Grandpa owned Logues Deli in White Plains. Their families were originally from Ireland. I am very interested to find out my roots and would love to find out if I still have family on the Emerald Isle. If any one has any info please e-mail me. Thanks Erin-go-bragh
Theresa Herzberg <>
Beacon, NY USA

Nice site I will look in later to see how far the Donnelly's went .....
Timothy Donnelly <>
Jackson, Michigan U.S.A

Where did you get the crest from?
Mark Anthony Donnelly <>
Middlesbrough, Cleveland UK

I am a Donnelly by marriage, but my ancestry is also from Ireland, County Armagh. We were the Murphys and the Simpsons.I will check back from time to time to see this progress.
Jackie <>
Stafford, VA USA

What about the old spelling of Donngahlaigh?
Jim Donnelly <>
New Albany, IN USA

Hey this is a great web site on all us Donnellys but you spelt Donnelly wrong in Irish It's O'Donnghaile
Kevin Donnelly <>
Omagh, Co.Tyrone Ireland

I am glad to see someone put forth an effort to enable all Donnellys to discover their heritage ... and perhaps each other. Keep it up!!
Jim Donnelly <>
New Albany, Indiana USA

Our lineage is John Donnelly and Bridget Shannon who immigrated to US through New York and settled in Canada, a town called Iriquos (sp?) which was later flooded for the St Lawrence, they thence made their way to Buffalo, NY. Their son Herbert Donnelly was a practicing physician who besides his normal practice worked on research relative to Addison's disease. Does any of this make any connections with any of you folks?
Kevin Donnelly <>
Columbia, MD USA

I think it was Donal Donnelly, the actor, who told me that most of the Donnellys were from county Tyrone. Donal was born and raised in county Tyrone. They were also allied with the O'Neill clan in a kind of social symbiosis. His yarn to this extent was quite embroidered.. the Donnellys being the 'street fighting clan' and the "Great O'Neills" being the landed gentry. Any additional comments/corrections would be welcome.
Kevin J Donnelly <>
Columbia, MD USA

Great job!
Micheal Donnelly <>
Glen Burnie , Maryland USA

Hi guys, Just trying to find out more about my heritage....... Cheers, Ewen.(Eoghan)
Ewen Donnelly <>
Glasgow, Scotland

Hi. Neat website. My great,great,great grandfather was Owen Donnelly, born cir 1768 in County Armagh where he married Margaret McCracken. She died near Perth, Ontario, Canada in 1847. One of their sons, Arthur Donnelly is whom I am descended. Arthur Donnelly - Ann Kelly, Michael Donnelly - Mary McGill, Arthur J.Donnelly - Ellen Tina Quinn, Gordon B.Donnelly - Patricia Shorkey, Michael H. Donnely (me)Anyone from these lines, please email.
Michael Donnelly <>
Ottawa, Ontario Canada



Seeking info about Mollie(Mary) Donnelly(my father's half sister) b.1904 Fintona, Co Tyrone, Went to Philadelphia,never married, possibly worked as nanny. Can anyone help, please?
Annette Bourke <>
Lymm, Cheshire England

Hi, great sits I am looking for david donnell his father was John from Hawthorne N Y . they came to usa from England. My Dad was Johns brother Terence or Terry . There was Terence, James, John < David ( who died as a child) and Robert ,also looking for Robert our other cousin who I think moved to alabama . His parents were James and Catherind , thans all maryann
maryann <>
new albany , indiana usa

This is a verry interesting website. I am interested in learning a little more about Stephen Donnelly, born in Montreal in 1878. He was my great-grandfather.
Michael Donnelly <>
Iowa City, Iowa USA

Hi Paul - Very nice website. Let us know when the tshirts are available.Dorothy
dorothy donnelly <>
staten island, ny USA

Thanks for the nice site. My father's great-grandfather came from Ireland and lived in Boston before moving to Springfield, Mass. His son farmed in upstate New York near Hornell-Arkport area where my father was born. Any information would be helpful.
Robert A. Donnelly <>
Mexico City, D.F. Mexico

Very interesting. I will return when time permits. Thank-you for the opportunity.
Colin Donnelly <>
Shannon, Horowhenua New Zealand

Interesting site and very interesting guestbook. Put me down for a slew of t-shirts when they're available. My mother was a Donnelly; we think her father's family came into the states on the quiet from Canada shortly after the famine. Her father, William James Donnelly, was a Chicago policeman (South Park Police, before the force was consolidated). He died in 1948 at the age of 54. I believe he was born in Philadelphia; he had a number of brothers and at least one sister. I know he had a brother Jack and sister Mame; I think there may also have been a brother Gerald. He married Marie Duffy, who was born in Chicago in 1900 and also died in 1948. I'd love to hear from any relatives, and I'd be grateful if any can trace the family back further. Thanks and God bless.
Mike Feinerman <>
Chicago, Illinois USA

My Dad's family were Railroad men in the USA migrating west with the railroad; eventually they helped start the Seattle-Portland-Spokane Railroad. My Dad however wanted more, joined the Navy and the became an Oakland, CA Policeman.Dad's Family was Green came here because they were hungry. Mom's Family (Cummins) was Orange and came here due to the riots against the wealthy; they were Oklahoma Sooners and settled the eastern hill country near Henryetta, Oklahoma.
Jerome C. Donnelly <>
Seattle, Washington USA

You have done a great job on this site! I enjoyed the information you and others have contributed. My name is Mary Lynn Dumont Donnelly, and I married Timothy Scott Donnelly of Midland, MI one year ago. I am very interested in his family tree. He is the son of Scott Owen Donnelly and Janet Rae Rimmell Donnelly of Chicago, IL. His paternal grandparents are Vernon and Lilah Donnelly of S. St. Paul, MN. If you are related to us, please drop us a note!
Mary Donnelly <>
Midland, MI USA

I am looking for any information I can get on my Grandfather,John Francis Donnelly . He was born on June 12,1864. His Mothers name was Sarah Moran. He had 7 to 9 brothers(Joe, Harry ED ????)and 3 sisters(Sara,Helen,?). We believe he was a blacksmith possibly in Donegal Town.He left Ireland under strange circumstances around 1885. He may have been born in County Tyrone but he always said he was from Donegal.Any Information would be appreciated.
Chick Straub <>
Calabash, NC USA

My mom was born a Donnelly. My gt Grandfather Was Arthur donnelly. His familly immigrated into canada during the patato famine. I am looking for anyone whoi might no him or his relatives his wives name is Laura O`Dwyer. Please help me with my search!!
Tracey Pegler
LaSalle, Ontario Canada

I never realized there were so many people with the last name Donnelly. Thank you for all the information. I was clueless to all this information regarding my last name.
Jennifer Donnelly <>

Enjoyed the web page - very interesting
Peter Donnelly <>
Co Down Ireland

My Gt Gt Grandfather is John Donnelly who married Catherine Cunningham around 1876 in Bonhill Dunbartonshire. Any connections out there please.
John Donnelly Brown <>
Clynder, Argyll & Bute Scotland

As a fully fledged Tyrone Donnelly I am available for any inheritances that any of you rich successful Donnellys can spare. Thankyou in advance.Jim Donnelly
Jim Donnelly <Jim">">Jim>
Belfast, Ireland

Sorry I forgot to give my full email addy. So here it is!
Paul <>
Morro Bay, CA USA

Looking for descendents of either James or John DONNELLY who left Dublin around 1851 for NYC. They were brothers. James had a son, James Edward, born in 1875 in Queens. James Sr. died and James Edward was raised by relatives. We have no information on John's family. Does this sound familiar to anyone? We share the same coat of arms with the red fist. Nice site.
Paul <captnpablo>
Morro Bay, CA USA

My grandfather Peter Donnelly was originally from Glasgow, Scotland. He married my grandmother (Agnes Dysart) and moved to the United States - landing and residing in Boston, Massachusetts. Any addition info would be appreciated.
Linda <>
Franklin, Massachusetts USA

We are composing a family tree and haveso far reached the 1850's,we find this guest book very interesting and lookforward to hearing from anyone with anyinformation in the UK.We have had the Coat of Arms for many years and would like to know of it's origin.
M&J Donnelly. <>
Craghead, Co.Durham. England.

I'm originally from Ireland but I've been living in Bulgaria for the past 3 years. I was born in Kilkenny and that's were my father was from too.I think the name DONNELLY is originally from Co. Donegal But I'm not sure
Joseph Donnelly <>
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Great site there are around thirty Donnellys in the nebraska - Iowa areaMost all of us are veterans of one conflict or another, and share the same coat of arms. Keep up the good work.
Christopher Ryan Donnelly <>
Omaha, Nebraska U.S.

Harry Donnelly is a decedant of a long line Donnellys from Philadelphia PA.His great grandfather had a very large family one of which was his Uncle EdDonnelly who also had a very large family. Harry's father and grandfatherwere both named Henry (Harry). Hisgrandfather, Harry was married toBlanche Dunckenfield. Their childrenwere, Marie, William and Harry Donnelly.We have no contact with any of the otherDonnellys that are decendants of thisfamily but would very much like to.Please e-mail if you think you may be related. Christie Donnelly from NJ andHarry Donnelly from Hawaii are our children.
Ilene Donnelly & Harry Donnelly <>
Spring City, PA USA

I find this very interesting. We are origionally from Philadelphia and have many cousins and other relatives we have lost track of. I would be intersted to hear from anyone who may be related.
Christie Donnelly <>
Spring City, Pennsylvania USA

Interesting web site. I am originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Hawaii about 2 years ago. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who thinks we may be related.
Harry Donnelly <>
Wailuku, Hawaii USA

Very interesting site. My Australian branch of the Donnellys began when my ancestors were transported as convict prisoners from Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the early 1800s. They were sent to Van Diemon's Land (now the Australian State of Tasmania). The family has continued to live there ever since.
Robert Donnelly
Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Great website. I would like to find out more about my family.
Wendy Donnelly Vaughn <>
Blacksburg, Virginia USA

Cool page. It is very interssting to see the name history. It helped a lot because currently I am doing research on the name anthe info was helpful. thanks
Kurtis Donnelly <withheld>
Wuerzburg, Baveria Germany

I am originally from Co. Roscommon, Eire. I'd like to add a little bit of history on our branch of the DONNELLYs.There were two brothers, Luke and Loughlan Donnelly who fought at the battle of Aughrim (1691). They came from Tyrone. After the battle, one of the brothers married a local widow woman who was a farmer and the other brother didn't marry, but settled locally. We have been living in the area ever since as farmers, this place is called Rahara, Co. Roscommon.
Ms. Pauline Donnelly <>
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire England

The description should mention red hugh and also the fact that we are descended from the high king of Ulster. It was his theft of the king of Leinster's daughter which prompted the king of Leinster to invite Strongbow into Ireland.
Gerry Donnelly <withheld>
Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow Ireland

This is a cool site. I look lforward to seeing it expanded. I am the only one in my family with any Irish pride. Obviously my fathers name was Donnelly. He died about 12 years ago. Since i think i have always identified with my Irish side more (my mother is some German). It would be pretty cool to hear from more people that im related to even if indirectly...and if anybody has more information about our history i'd be glad to hear some.take care all
David Donnelly <>
Chicago, IL USA

My mother's maiden name was Donnelly.Iam C.I.A.(Cuban-Irish american).I look Irish and not Hispanic.Iam trying to find my relatives(cousins,etc,)on mymother's side of my family.Her name wasGabrielle Donnelly.She was born,July 18,1918,in Newfoundland.She was raised in Newfoundland and was the second youngestof nine children.Gabi(her nickname)wasa nightclub singer,in St.John's(New-foundland),during the late 1930's.Shemarried my father,Pedro(Cuban-consul),inNewfoundland,in 1940.She died,in 1967,in N.Y.,N.Y.Her siblings live in Canada(mainland),Michigan&all-over the"U.S.A."
Peter R.Perez <>
Houston,, Texas,77072-4733 U.S.America.

nice to find out about our hertitage , cool crest aye?
eddie donnelly <>
glasgow, scotland

Hi! Great site....please keep us posted about the upcoming t-shirts and posters!
Stacey Manahan <>
Keene, NH USA

I am searching on more
detailed information of
my heritage. My
grandfather, Patrick
Joseph Donnelly, had 23
brothers and sisters and I
am looking for family
information. Please
contact me with any
information. Thanks.

Robert Sean Donnelly <>
stewartsville, nj USA

Interesting, albiet abbreviated, website
MJ Donnelly <>
Albany, NY USA

Is the coat of arms displayed on your
home page "the real thing"?

If it is, how can I get one for

My Donnelly family (my mother was born
a Donnelly) came from Ireland in the
late 1700s, but we're still here and
very proud.

I'd like to hear from you.


Jo Burnette <>
Raleigh, NC USA

Interesting web page.
Paul Donnelly <>
Omagh, Tyrone Ireland

welcome to the home page.
please leave your kind comments here!

thanks - paul donnelly

Paul Donnelly <>
newyork, newyork usa

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